Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May-Day! May-Day!

April has been a busy month.
To date my toddler has pee’d …
- in the topsy turtle box
- behind the couch
- on the couch
- in the sit-on Thomas the tank
- in my runners  (good aim!)
- into the flower vase
- in the garden
- under the slide
- on the slide
- behind the bush
- in front of the bush
- on his brother’s back  (while his brother was innocently playing lego on the floor – we had to rush him to the shower)…
He has also…
- poured a full tub of Vanish down the sink
- attacked a box of party bags
- thrown the house phone in the bin on collection day…
That was April.
Very early this morning he arrived at the foot of the bed.
- Mam?
- Yes?
- I did a wee wee.
- Where?  I say - immediately awake.
- It’s ok Mam. You no say ‘Oh Jesus’.  I did it in the toilet.
Yippee! The terrible two’s are OVER!

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